Bet on Yourself

Hack your motivation by wagering money and applying a continuous glucose monitor to hold yourself accountable. Earn your money back daily and reach your weight-loss goals.

"While doing the challenge(s) I’ve lost over 21.5lbs and expect I’ll be able to keep it off from now on. I highly recommend the program. I have tested eating sugar and starches & diet drinks and hard cider/wine and can see the results immediately. I have learned more about how each of these affects my body more than anything I've tried... ever!"

— Andy

How it Works

Make meaningful progress towards your goals by putting money on the line to hold yourself accountable for 28 enlightening, (or grueling) days.




Stake your Money
Hold yourself accountable to the challenge objectives by staking money

Apply your Sensor
We then send you two (2) continuous glucose monitors plus exclusive access to the Levels beta program.

Follow the Challenge Objectives & Win the Pot
Keep your stake for each day you meet the challenge objectives. If you do well, earn all your stake back and have a chance to win the pot!

Over 370 Participants Reached
Their Goals With Wearable Challenge

"I had tried everything to get rid of the last few pounds I was carrying including fasting. I was surprised at how high my baseline blood sugar was and how much it fluctuated as I have lived a ketogenic lifestyle for many years. I was able to lower my baseline and even out the fluctuations and the weight magically dropped off!"
— Patricia

"I lost approx 5 lbs although the goal wasn't weight loss- all the loss was fat (lost 1 inch around my waist. Physical performance didn't seem to decline at all. The main benefit for me was educational- finding out how certain foods, exercise, and other situations impact my interstitial glucose level anyhow varying levels make me feel. I was surprised how good I felt even with what I would consider low levels (70s). I had never had anything but fasting glucose levels checked during routine checkups before so this was a very enlightening experience!
— Quinn

"It was a great educational experience in understanding how my fasting affects my glucose. During the challenge, I managed to lose 9 pounds, and I felt great."
— Greg

"The huge benefit for me of doing the WC was that my stomach bloating totally went down, for the first time in 10+ years. I could never figure out why at the end of the day I looked 6 months pregnant. I tried gluten-free, dairy-free, and even low FODMAP but none of that helped. I'm extremely happy in doing the WC challenge, that the inflated balloon feeling in my abdomen is now a deflated balloon!"
— Jane

"It really opened my eyes to certain foods I thought, and were keto-friendly, but were not for me. Also seeing how much exercise and just taking a walk affected glucose.
— Shelley

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the continuous glucose monitors work?
Each challenge participant gets exclusive access to the Levels beta program which utilizes the Freestyle Libre 14-day continuous glucose monitor system. Each sensor lasts 14 days at which point they are discarded. You receive two (2) sensors to last the entire duration of the 28-day challenge.

What do I need to eat in order to be successful
While a keto diet is not a requirement for the challenge, you'll have the most success with a keto or low-carb diet. Other lifestyle factors like sleep, stress and physical activity will also help you be more successful in controlling your blood sugars.

What if exercise causes me to spike?
You can log exercise in the app so that any exercise-related spikes over the challenge threshold of 115mg/dL do not disqualify you from the challenge.

Can I get the sensors wet?
Sensors can be worn while bathing, showering, or swimming. Don't take sensors deeper than 3 feet or for longer than 30 minutes. Note: The FreeStyle Libre system has not been tested in seawater.

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Your application and payment have been received.

Now it's time to order your continuous glucose monitors.

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Your accountability partner

Here are the full challenge details.

First, wager $700 to join the challenge (plus a program/sensor fee of $250).

We then send you two (2) continuous glucose monitors plus exclusive access to the Levels beta program.

If you've never applied a continuous glucose monitor, not to worry! It's completely painless and very easy to do.

🎥 Watch this video to learn how a continuous glucose monitor is applied

Once applied, you scan your sensor at least every 8 hours as that's how long the sensor can store data. You'll have three FREE DAYS to experiment with foods, activities, sleep, etc. This is a great time to prep and learn before you have money on the line.

Once the challenge officially starts, focus on keeping your blood sugar below 115mg/dL for the rest of the challenge.

Each day you go over 115mg/dL, you lose money.

That's the gist of the challenge!

There are some, more technical, challenge details we'll cover once the challenge kicks off. For example, a spike from exercise won't count against you...

While sugar-laden cereal or a bowl of rice might not be on the table during the challenge, with trial and error, you'll find foods and lifestyle patterns that help you keep your blood sugars stable.

Interested in achieving your health goals but not sure if you can do it?

You'll have the help of Zach Winfield, our metabolic health coach, as well as the real-world experience of your challenge participants to help you throughout the challenge.

To join, you'll pay $250, which covers the program cost, CGM sensors, and access Levels. You'll also wager $700. The wager is strictly used for financial accountability.

Program Cost ($250) - Covers sensors & program costsWager ($700) - You can earn this all back
If you get a perfect score, you'll earn all of your wager back and only have paid $250 to make a significant change in your life. Not bad!  🎉

Joining this challenge is an opportunity to get exclusive early access to new technology.  You'll be among a selective group. Here's exactly what you get during the challenge:

🎯 28 days of accountability to hit your weight loss goals🩸Two (2) FreeStyle Libre 14 day continuous glucose monitors🎟 Early access to the Levels beta program ($400 value)💬 A private community of fellow participants where you can learn and share together
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